Tijuana Tour

Experience the thrill of the most exciting, multicultural and fun city in all of Mexico. With a vast variety of attractions, the food, the rhythm of the city, it´s vibrant culture and customs with great influence from our northern neighbor U.S.A.

La Bufadora – Ensenada

Experience the beauty, tranquility and tradition that is Ensenada, known as the Cinderella of the Pacific. You´ll visit La Bufadora: a type of marine geyser that launches small breezes to great bursts of water gushing out into the air, reaching up to 80 feet in the air.

Tecate Magic Town

Tecate is magical, it has a unique Mexican style and is surrounded by mountains and rocks, it´ll capture you with its beauty. The Rumorosa is a mystical and unique desert, filled with prehistoric art and paintings at the museum of Sitio Vallecitos which will take you on a trip back in time.

Tijuana – Rosarito

Tijuana is the most travelled border in the world, a very young city that is only 126 years old; cosmopolitan and strategic for business and tourism.
Rosarito is a city with rising art, here you´ll find beautiful beaches and you´ll also be able to try out one of the most famous world dishes that have made this city well known all over: Lobster Puerto Nuevo style.

Rosarito Lobster Tour

Enjoy the beach, feel the excitement and live the adventure that Playas de Rosarito has to offer. Try one of the dishes that have made this city famous: Lobster Puerto Nuevo style.

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