The gastronomical seal in the county has its base in the culinary habits of the peninsular people who found an ally in the sea. This explains why many of the dishes use seafood as their core ingredient, all coming from the cold and cool waters in the region (just like our food BAJAMED). Baja California´s food is seasoned with a variety of local and foreign ingredients from around the world, mainly the Mediterranean and Asia.

Beer brewery Tour

Baja California´s artisanal beer has become an important part of what the state has to offer, which is complemented by Baja Med food, urban gastronomy and the excellent cheese and wine that are produced in the county.


Enjoy the beach, feel the excitement and live the adventure that Playas de Rosarito has to offer. Try one of the dishes that have made this city famous: Lobster Puerto Nuevo style.

Baja’s Gastronomic Tour

With a great variety of culinary attractions, you´ll discover the restaurant where Caesar Salad was invented, which you´ll be able to taste as well. Enjoy restaurants so good that they´ve made it into Travel and Leisure´s top 50 Latin-American restaurants list. You can also visit urban dinners and street vendors as well as world-renowned wineries.

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