Blue and Gray Whale Safari

A 6 day experience for those who love the sea, behold the majestic and enormous mammals in their natural habitat, the blue and gray whales.

Pronghorn Safari and Christian Missionaries in Baja California

From the end of the 17th century to the 19th century, Jesuit, Franciscan and Dominican priests founded many missions in California that were one of the institutions that the Spanish crown used to colonize these territories, where their dominion hadn´t reached yet.

White Sharks in Isla de Guadalupe

Situated in the Pacific Ocean at approximately 165 miles to the east of Ensenada, Mexico. Isla de Guadalupe has become the best place in the world to watch, take pictures and video of white sharks.

Condor Safari at Sierra San Pedro Mártir

The observatory and it´s spectacular lookouts. An experience filled with adventure excitement and nature, a mountain range filled with woods where you can appreciate the national lookout, Mexico´s most important one. You´ll be able to see two seas from this one place, the Pacific Ocean and the Mar de Cortes, you can also go for a walk, go hiking, mountain bike riding, safaris and much more.

Snorkel with Whale Sharks at Bahía San Luis Gonzaga

A paradise for ecotourism and adventure, few places in Golfo de California are as rich with flora and fauna. This is an experience filled with marine life and contrasting scenery, it´ll allow you to enjoy a trip through islands, swim, snorkel, and fish and, above all else, go diving in the company of exotic species, the whale shark.

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