Lobera Tour in San Quintín

Discover this hidden treasure that Baja California has to offer. Situated at Bahía de Santa María on the Pacific Ocean, right between coral reefs and beaches, a giant crater was formed in which you can contemplate a marine cave where many species of seals and sea lions live and raise their cubs, a truly unique experience for travelers.

La experiencia incluye:

  • Round trip transportation in our comfortable vehicles
  • Certified tour guide, who will liven up and accompany you on your trip
  • 2 days and 1 night at a hotel
  • Visit San Vicente Ferrer, La Lobera, El Rosario, Mamá Espinoza, the Volcano Crater and oyster farms in San Quintin and Molino Viejo
  • Muelle 30 restaurant and/or Gardens
  • Cooked clam tasting

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Enjoy Baja California

This is a magnificent place to marvel at sea life, take a break and enjoy the excellent food from its surroundings. The road there is just as majestic, you can enjoy the landscapes filled with trees, the sea and mountains, and you can also be witness to the beautiful fauna of the place. This sanctuary can be found at the top of the mountains, the sound from the waves and the sea will fill your experience with natural music while you observe beautiful creatures, seals and sea lions as they rest in the sun from the top of the mountains.

The rocky cliffs in this place have faced the raging waves from the sea for millions of years, resulting in the formation of caves among the rocks where the tide goes into. This phenomenon has given birth to an amazing crater 150 mts inside the rock, which serves as a refuge for seals and sea lions alike. The crater is about 30 mts in diameter in its upper part and 60 mts in its lower part, with a depth of about 15 mts.

Day 1

At the designated hour we´ll be leaving Tijuana towards San Vicente Ferrer to visit the mission trail and museum, followed by San Quintin, where you can enjoy some delicious smoked clams, from there we´ll head to La Lobera, a crater where seals and sea lions make their homes in the form of a crater, it´s important to note that there won´t be bathroom services in this part of the trip, so make sure to use the previous break to prepare. Next we´ll head to El Rosario, a place famous for its lobster and abalone which you can try for yourself at Mamá Espinoza, a great place for Baja Med food. We´ll go back to San Quintin for the night, staying at the shore, optional for those who love camping.

Day 2

After a delicious early breakfast we´ll be able to enjoy the environment by visiting the oyster cultivation farm and the volcano crater. We´ll also visit Molino Viejo, the perfect place to enjoy a beer, a snack and its museum. After that, you can enjoy from some of the local restaurants for a nice meal, then head back to Tijuana with a rest stop at Ensenada.

Does Not Include
Visits and/or activities not mentioned; optional purchases such as: souvenirs, bread, olives, etc. Food prices, tips for the guide and/or chauffer.

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